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McAllister & Quinn is well-respected for its record of success and return on investment for its college and university clients nationwide.

McAllister & Quinn offers federal grant and faculty development consulting to small and mid-sized colleges to help an institution sharpen its strategic focus and increase and diversify external funding. McAllister & Quinn has secured hundreds of millions of dollars in competitive grant funding for scholarships and student support, academic programs, research, and equipment.


Professional Grant Writing & Coaching

McAllister & Quinn maintains the largest and most specialized grant consultant network in the country. Faculty and staff work with writing teams from our proprietary network of over 250 subject matter experts. A writing team that includes a McAllister & Quinn in-house professional, writer, reviewer and editor is assigned to grant projects. Our team works collaboratively with faculty and staff. McAllister & Quinn can transform a small or non-existent grants office into a robust grant seeking operation.

McAllister & Quinn Senior Vice President, Dr. Jessica C. Gerrity, discusses how McAllister & Quinn works with our clients.

Value-Added Services

We offer services that increase and diversify funding streams and build capacity at your institution.

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The U.S. Congress is accepting congressionally directed funding requests (formerly referred to as earmarks) after an eleven year pause. McAllister & Quinn has long-standing expertise in government relations and in working with colleges and universities to secure congressionally directed funding for strategic projects. McAllister & Quinn provides guidance about connecting with congressional delegations and the development of competitive ideas.

McAllister & Quinn can help your institution prepare and negotiate a federally negotiated indirect cost rate. A negotiated rate can amount to thousands of dollars allocated to the institution per federal award, and hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. Indirect cost dollars, to be allocated at an institution’s discretion, can help fund operational costs related to maintaining and supporting a grants culture on campus.

The McAllister & Quinn faculty development model was created with faculty and staff at teaching institutions in mind.  McAllister & Quinn professional development offerings appeal to a range of faculty and staff at different experience levels. McAllister & Quinn offers tailored and comprehensive faculty development programs, as well as monthly webinars, on a variety of topics that aim to help faculty and staff improve their grant seeking approach and learn more about funding opportunities.

McAllister & Quinn partners with Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP (FTLF), a DC-based grants compliance and post-award legal firm, to deliver training on higher education post-award processes and compliance. Post-award training increases institutional capacity and confidence to manage millions of dollars in federal funding and anticipate funder questions in the post-award stage of grants.

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Every day McAllister & Quinn clients are notified by a funder that their proposal has been selected for funding.

Examples of Recent Client Success:

Morningside University was awarded $2,300,000 from the Department of Education for a National Professional Development (NPD) program grant.

Western Illinois University was awarded $2,211,294 from the Department of Education for a Rural Postsecondary and Economic Development (RPED) program grant.

Bradley University was awarded $1,947,176 from the National Science Foundation for a Growing Research Access for Nationally Transformative Equity and Diversity (GRANTED) grant.

Lewis University was awarded $995,207 from the Department of Transportation for an FAA Aviation Workforce Development Grants program grant.

St. John Fisher University was awarded $500,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities for an Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants program grant.

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