McAllister & Quinn provides grant consulting, government relations, and Federal policy analysis for hospitals, health systems and academic medical centers.

We offer strategic guidance in areas such as Federal grants, healthcare policy, regulatory response, program assessment, and assisting healthcare providers in managing a complex relationship with the federal government. Our team comprises former senior Federal government professionals and experienced health policy experts in the field.


Who We Serve

McAllister & Quinn supports healthcare providers, hospital systems and academic medical centers with grant consulting and proposal development services. Our firm also specializes in providing tailored government relations strategies and in-depth policy analysis.

McAllister & Quinn Managing Partner, Andy Quinn talks about how hospitals and health systems can improve their grant funding success rates.

As a general matter, health providers seeking Federal funding experience about a ten percent success rate. By following McAllister & Quinn’s innovative approach to grant seeking and government relations, our clients on average have tripled their rate of success in seeking federal grants, and in some cases have seen a quadrupling of their success rates. 

Each year, billions in funding is available to hospitals and health systems through competitive grant programs

McAllister & Quinn is regarded as the most well-respected Federal grant consulting firm for hospitals, health systems, and academic medical centers. We have a proven record of helping health care clients identify, pursue, and obtain Federal funding for key priorities.

$5.7+ billion

Chronic Disease Prevention

$234+ million

Nursing Education & Training

$2.7+ billion

Rural Health

$111+ million

Behavioral & Mental Health Services

$275+ million

Patient Centered Care

$5.9+ billion

Infectious Disease Research

$1+ billion

Promoting Health Equity

$6.5+ billion

Cancer Research

$7+ billion

Overcoming Addiction

$760+ million

Training of Healthcare Professionals

$1.6+ billion

Research to Improve Lives of Service Members

$304+ million


$1.2+ billion

Maternal & Child Health

$7+ billion

Combating the Opioid Crisis

$7.8+ billion

Health Resources & Services

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