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The McAllister & Quinn Fellowship Program

McAllister & Quinn is a consulting firm headquartered in Washington, DC, that represents approximately 130 clients from a variety of sectors.  The firm provides clients with federal and foundation funding support services, strategic business development assistance, and traditional government relations consulting.  The McAllister & Quinn fellowship program offers a unique setting where fellows can expand their knowledge of federal and foundation grants, the business development/sales process, the legislative process, and issues of interest across multiple practice areas based on interaction with staff, clients, congressional, and federal agency contacts.

In addition to routine administrative support, fellows typically:

  • Conduct substantive issue/topic area research and analysis on legislative and policy matters.
  • Prospect for federal and foundation funding opportunities and synthesize relevant information for staff and client briefings.
  • Assist in the preparation for, as well as attend, Congressional hearings/meetings and federal agency meetings.
  • Produce summaries and analyses of attended events.
  • Assist with fundraising events.

McAllister & Quinn operates across six main practice areas: Health Care, Higher Education, Defense & Homeland Security, Advanced Technology, Nonprofits & Public Agencies, and Research Universities & Institutions. When considering applicants for the Fellowship Program, we seek to pair your interests and experience with the appropriate practice area.  Fellows primarily assist the firm on a range of short-term to medium-length projects.  As with most jobs, the fellows who show the most initiative tend to have the most interesting and varied work to round out their experience at McAllister & Quinn.

Candidates must have a good attitude, strong work ethic, and excellent written and oral communication skills.  Candidates should be self-motivated to troubleshoot and capable of independently conducting requested topic area support tasks after the initial training period. Candidates must be comfortable working both independently and as part of a team, exhibiting strong attention to detail in all assigned tasks.

Applicants should have working knowledge of current events and policy topics, as well as a willingness to complete basic administrative tasks as needed.  A college degree or enrollment in a degree program is required. Proficiency in Microsoft suite programs, Adobe, and Internet applications are necessary.

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