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Research Universities

McAllister & Quinn’s Research Universities Practice works with public and private research universities, integrated medical research practices, academic medical centers, and other research-intensive organizations to support, expand, and diversify sponsored research activities. A significant component of this practice involves assisting universities to develop industry consortiums for specified vertical supply chains to commercialize technology. This is achieved through forming public-private partnerships with federal government agency grant programs. Government funding to form and support these public-private partnerships can range from $10 million to more than $70 million.

As competition for federal dollars increases and compliance requirements become more complex, McAllister & Quinn plays a vital role in supporting an institution’s office of sponsored research– and the principal investigators that they serve– by helping them secure federal funding and establish lasting relationships to support research and development (R&D), partnerships, commercialization, and demonstration and/or procurement goals.

The Process

McAllister & Quinn uses a proven process to uncover opportunities to grow basic and applied research pursuits. Organizations must strategically expand and diversify their research portfolios given the current federal budget environment. McAllister & Quinn helps clients to develop and execute on a targeted plan to pursue the most appropriate and strategically-aligned opportunities. Services include:

  • Advance notification of federal funding opportunities and trends
  • Assistance to develop competitive proposals in advance of competitions
  • Advice on technology commercialization strategies to secure federal funding for clients and their partners
  • Engagement with federal agencies and program managers
  • Extensive grant support for principal investigators, including writing and internal reviews

McAllister & Quinn helps clients to prioritize research activities and methodologically evaluate proposed research to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the sponsored research office, often with the goal of identifying and pursuing new areas for growth.

McAllister & Quinn’s network of 250 grant writers and reviewers assists clients to pursue specific, high-value opportunities, especially as institutions seek to diversify their federal funding portfolios. This effort involves helping talented faculty to adapt to new, unfamiliar methods or criteria that a federal agency may expect.

Our Team

McAllister & Quinn has extensive experience working with federal agencies that fund scientific and medical research. A number of McAllister & Quinn employees hold Ph.D.’s and have extensive experience in science and health disciplines. They have worked for federal agencies such as the NSF and DHS, and have worked in higher education in academic affairs positions or at offices of sponsored research at both large, research-intensive institutions and smaller institutions.

McAllister & Quinn has a team of grants experts dedicated exclusively to research and analysis activities of legislative and funding initiatives, trends, and opportunities. These staff members interact with federal agencies on a daily basis, track and monitor grant opportunities, and provide deep and extensive analysis of federal budget priorities so that our clients can better anticipate and prepare for future funding opportunities.

The majority of the firm’s 250 grant writers and reviewers have advanced degrees in diverse disciplines in health, science, and the humanities. They have diverse backgrounds in government, business, higher education, medicine and health, research, and nonprofits. They come from the public and private sectors, and many have more than 30 years of relevant professional experience in their chosen fields.