Cameron ter Horst

Senior Research Analyst, Research Universities Practice
  (202) 296-2741

Cameron ter Horst is a Senior Research Analyst at McAllister & Quinn. Cameron provides support to Directors, Managing Directors, and Vice Presidents in a range of subject areas including basic, translational, and clinical life science research; public health initiatives; and engineering. Cameron works with the Healthcare and Research Universities practices to monitor and report on policy, budget, and funding opportunities advancements, create new products, and deliver high-quality services to clients. He also serves a pivotal role within the firm by assisting with business development activities and by managing and training interns.

Prior to being promoted to Research Analyst, Cameron held both an internship followed by a fellowship position at McAllister and Quinn where he conducted general prospecting, fundraising and research. He also conducted research at a biomechanics and biophysics laboratory at the College of William and Mary, where he used 3D modeling software to design and simulate backward facing steps in relation to dermal denticles. Cameron holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the College of William and Mary.


  • Undergraduate Student Researcher, Biology Department, The College of William and Mary
  • Research Assistant, NASA Langley Research Center


  • Federal and Foundation Grants
  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare
  • Business Development Capture


  • B.S., The College of William and Mary