Grants Strategy

McAllister & Quinn will ensure that your strategy for seeking external grant funding leads to success

When pursuing external grant funding, setting priorities is essential. McAllister & Quinn works with our clients on a daily basis to proactively identify funding sources that align with their strategic priorities. We then utilize teams of project managers and proposal development specialists to craft competitive grant applications for submission to Federal agencies and national foundations.


McAllister & Quinn will bring focus to an organization's pursuit of external grant funding

Although institutions seeking grant funding may be tempted to chase every available funding source, such an approach typically results in frustration and failure. McAllister & Quinn works with clients to develop a grants strategy that forecasts funding opportunities 12 to 24 months in advance. This focused, strategic effort ensures that our clients are focusing concentration on the grant opportunities best aligned with organizational goals.

Highlights & Accomplishments

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A nationwide network of over 250 grants consultants who serve as writers, reviewers, editors, coaches, facilitators, and subject-matter experts.

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Over $1B in grant funding for our clients since 2010.

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An extensive library of previously funded grant proposals we can share with our clients.

Proactive planning leads to success

McAllister & Quinn expertise in developing a comprehensive grants strategy has produced tangible results and demonstrable return on investment for our clients. A key factor to our success is our ability to bring advanced, strategic, and competitive grants intelligence to our clients well in advance of a grant competitions release. Our approach will ensure that a client hones in on grant sources that will drive resources back to  institutional priorities. Our expertise in assisting clients to set priorities brings greater efficiency and effectiveness to efforts to secure external grant funding. 

Recent Insights

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