Nominating Faculty Members to Federal Advisory Committees

There are over 1,000 federal advisory committees (FAC) with approximately 60,000 members. These committees focus on policy concerns and funding priorities, as opposed to grant review. A focused strategy of placing faculty on key committees can enhance the university’s understanding of agency policy goals and future funding directions. A 2012 study into National Science Foundation’s (NSF) advisory committees found that for each faculty member serving on a FAC the university received an additional $125,000 – $138,000 in funding from the agency. This correlation between federal funding and FAC representation is compelling, showing that research institutions can benefit from understanding the FAC nomination and selection process. Participating on a FACs affords investigators and research institutions a unique opportunity to shape the direction of research and federal extramural funding.

McAllister & Quinn works with university leadership to identify competitive nominees for FACs, introduce those individuals to the roles and responsibilities of membership, and assist them in developing competitive nominations packages. This work includes due diligence reporting, drafting support letters, reviewing and revising CVs, and securing Congressional support for the nomination. Multiple faculty members assisted by McAllister & Quinn have been invited to serve terms on key federal advisory committees.