New Federal Funding Opportunities – Biden Administration’s $2.2 Trillion Infrastructure and Energy Stimulus Package

The Biden Administration recently announced their $2.2 trillion “American Jobs Plan” stimulus package, aimed at boosting the U.S. economy through federal infrastructure and clean energy investments.  Within this package, numerous federal funding opportunities exist for both on non-profit and for-profit advanced technology entities. Subject to approval by the U.S. Congress, the new federal investments include:

  • $300B for domestic manufacturing supply chain investments for microelectronics, clean energy, critical materials, biotechnologies, and a variety of other manufacturing sectors. Funding will be distributed through an assortment of federal agency programs.
  • $180B for research & development investments for applied research and commercialization of several advanced technology areas.
  • $100B for workforce development investments in the clean energy and manufacturing sectors.
  • Over $620B in a variety of infrastructure investments (roads, bridges, electrical vehicles, grid modernization, water) representing significant procurement opportunities.

These new federal investments represent a significant opportunity for your organization to receive federal funding for your R&D, commercialization, workforce development, and procurement objectives. Please contact us for a consultation and more information on how McAllister & Quinn can assist your organization access these funding opportunities.