University of Houston in collaboration with the U.S. Navy awarded $2.2M to develop a new personnel selection process

McAllister & Quinn connects our clients with potential collaborators and non-traditional funders to build stronger and more successful projects. For example, McAllister & Quinn connected, Elena Grigorenko, Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished Professor of Psychology and director of the Human Genetics Lab at University of Houston, and a team of collaborators with the U.S. Navy. The team’s goal is to streamline the U.S. Navy’s process of personnel selection by developing the Manpower and Personnel Assessment Battery (MPAB). The MPAB will create a unique opportunity to assess manpower multidimensionally while the individual is engaged in a virtual reality environment. The MPAB will also integrate hardware and software that can track sleep patterns, physical exhaustion, and cognitive load to model a variety of situations that may arise while performing Naval jobs.  The Office of Naval Research awarded Grigorenko and her colleagues $2.2 million to develop the MPAB.