Advanced Technology, Defense & Homeland Security

McAllister & Quinn helps technology innovators, manufacturers, and researchers secure the funding they need to achieve their research, procurement, and business development objectives.

The Advanced Technology Practice supports our clients by helping them proactively secure federal funding to develop and commercialize technology. We work with numerous entities to secure funding for individual clients and public-private partnership consortiums that are made up of both academic and industrial partners.

  • We identify targeted government funding for clients by understanding the client’s technology and manufacturing readiness levels, and mapping their technology to federal funding sources.
  • We assist clients in developing and administering consortiums to secure large-scale, multi-year government funding, for vertical supply chains and industry/academia public-private partnerships.
  • We proactively assist clients in developing value propositions and marketing their concepts to targeted Federal program offices. We then assist our clients in developing and writing proposal responses to government funding solicitations that are required to secure Federal funding.
  • We also work with clients regarding Federal, state, and local government procurement opportunities and assist clients with securing Federal, state, and local government incentives for manufacturing and R&D facility site selection.

Who We Serve

We represent a wide range of public and private entities, including:

Diverse Team of Electronics Development Engineers Standing at the Desk Working with Documents, Solving Project Problems Late at Night. Specialists Working on Ultra Modern Industrial Design.
Large Research Universities and Technical Colleges
Manufacturing & Technology Associations
Small, Medium, and Large For-Profit Businesses

Who We Are

Our team is made up of highly experienced former government and industry professionals with a detailed understanding of Congress, the Executive Branch, and state governments.

Dr. Deji Akanbi, McAllister & Quinn Managing Director, discusses McAllister & Quinn’s work assisting clients with Department of Energy funding.

Sample Clients

Our Results

Individual Client Initiatives

Secured $1.4M in Department of Defense funding for a state economic development office to support manufacturing supply chain development.

Secured $1.5M in Department of Defense funding for a small business in the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry to support product development for advanced deposition technologies..

Secured $2M in Department of Defense funding for a large research university client to support manufacturing education programs.

Consortium Initiatives

Secured over $25M in Department of Defense funding for a client-led Integrated Photonics R&D and Commercialization Consortium.

Secured over $57M in Department of Energy funding for a client consortium related to photovoltaic technology scale-up for solar technology applications.

Secured $18M in Department of Defense funding for a client’s automotive research center to develop autonomous vehicle technology.

Case Studies

McAllister & Quinn assisted a client secure a $3M grant award through the Department of Commerce to develop an Advanced Manufacturing Performance Center that focuses on enhancing R&D opportunities and advanced technology workforce development activities for the semiconductor supply chain ecosystem. Working with both state and local governments in the region, McAllister & Quinn was also able to secure support and state/local matching funds for our client. McAllister & Quinn helped develop the concept, organized outreach to market our client’s value proposition, and wrote the successful proposal submission.

McAllister & Quinn assisted one of its clients with securing an $8M R&D contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for next-generation microelectronics R&D. This project, supported by DARPA’s Electronics Resurgence Initiative, constitutes a multi-year research effort to develop new materials and technologies for enhanced artificial intelligence performance and power efficiency. McAllister & Quinn assisted with concept development, outreach to federal program managers, and the development of the successful proposal submission.

McAllister & Quinn developed a manufacturing and materials processing consortium that has resulted in over $60M in funding for a four-year period. While developing the consortium, McAllister & Quinn assisted the consortium with the build-out of a detailed technical road map in partnership with the Army. Additionally, McAllister & Quinn assisted with organizing and convening quarterly technology showcase/workshop events with the over 35 consortium members and Army R&D program managers. The consortium utilizes a flexible Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) contract vehicle, that is well suited for non-traditional defense contractors, as it does not require onerous federal accounting standards. Through this contract vehicle, R&D task orders are developed with the Army and consortium members, and executed via the OTA contract vehicle.

McAllister & Quinn worked with a microelectronics-related academic and industrial consortium to support the authorization and appropriation of funding for the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI) and the accompanying Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation (RAMI) legislation, now known as Manufacturing USA. This activity led to the passage of the NNMI program to establish Institutes for Manufacturing Innovation (IMIs) at the DoD, DOE, and DOC. A total of 16 IMIs have been established and funded for five-year cycles with upwards of $110M in federal funding for each IMI. This activity led to the President visiting two client site locations. McAllister & Quinn organized and held more than 90 federal agency, White House Administration, and congressional meetings to secure support for the initiative. We wrote and assisted numerous organizations with congressional testimony opportunities before the House and Senate Appropriations Committee and Manufacturing Caucus to support appropriations for the NNMI program. Our efforts resulted in a consortium award of $110M, currently an active Photonics Manufacturing USA Institute.

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