Defense & Homeland Security

The McAllister & Quinn Defense & Homeland Security Practice helps our clients succeed in Washington by integrating their strategic goals with a comprehensive government relations strategy. Our senior lobbyists have the subject matter expertise to help you craft a winning game plan, the relationships with key decision makers to get your message delivered, and the experience to connect it all together to create meaningful outcomes.

Building a Strong and Effective Network of Congressional Supporters

The most successful organizations working at the federal level carefully cultivate good relationships with members of Congress. They also work closely with congressional committees that oversee and fund their key programs. They know that you cannot wait until you have a problem or see an opportunity to invest in those relationships.

As a bipartisan firm whose senior lobbyists have all recently worked on Capitol Hill, we can help you to create and grow strong relationships. We will also help you to coordinate your strategy with the congressional authorizing and appropriations processes that impact the programs that directly affect your mission and your bottom line. We will ensure that your representatives not only know you, but that they really understand your needs and have the tools on hand at the right time to advocate on your behalf.

Strategies That Go Beyond Access and Relationship Building

We know that simply opening doors is not enough in Washington. The strategies we develop for our clients take into account the full range of factors needed to succeed – the technical, the political, and the fiscal. Our senior staff members have the subject matter expertise to help you develop a message that is technically superior. We address the four elements that must be in place to connect you with results: a well-established requirement, adequate funding, the right contract vehicle or program, and strong political support for moving forward.

How We Help Our Clients Achieve Their Goals at the Federal Level

  • Provide business intelligence and forecasts of US government needs in the defense, homeland security, and intelligence sectors.
  • Defend and shape key appropriations accounts that fund important programs critical to your organization and your bottom line.
  • Shape emerging government program requirements by educating decision makers on important policy considerations, technology developments, and industry trends.
  • Energize the political power of your organization’s members and your partners in Washington to help accomplish your objectives. For companies, we can help you mobilize your supply chain partners as well as your own footprint in the United States.
  • Connect with new business partners and coalitions that can make you more competitive.
  • Help you understand how major programs and contract vehicles that affect your organization are structured.

Working with McAllister & Quinn gives you a dedicated team in Washington that is focused on your goals. This allows you to focus on running your organization and preparing for the future. We will work with you to develop a Washington, DC, game plan carefully tailored to your goals. Then we will execute that strategy with intense attention to detail, keen political insight, and a laser-like focus on outcomes.