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Advanced Technology

Results Oriented. Return on Investment.

McAllister & Quinn’s Advanced Technology Practice helps public and private entities to secure business development opportunities, government procurement, and research and development (R&D) funding for cutting edge technologies. We have a strong track record leveraging millions of dollars in public funding support to help clients achieve their innovation and commercialization goals. Our activities on behalf of clients include:

  • Obtaining R&D funding for materials development, tool development, prototype development, and final system development.
  • Obtaining pilot manufacturing funding for manufactured products– from materials to end products– that are of interest to the federal government.
  • Developing relationships with key funding agencies, such as the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of Energy (DOE), and many others.
  • Providing site selection services for manufacturing facilities, including assisting entities to negotiate with state governments, obtain grants and loans, and develop strategies to improve outcomes.
  • Developing strategies to obtain Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funds for Phase I, II, and follow-on Phase III transition funding for companies looking to move a capability across the “valley of death” towards maturation.
  • Working with industry members, including potential business partners, suppliers, and customers, as well as academia and government, to develop U.S.-based vertical supply chains in key areas of interest to the federal government.
  • Assisting clients with government regulatory matters that are impacting or need to impact the targeted technology/industry.
  • Assisting clients with export control and ITAR matters before the federal government.
  • Helping clients to work with members of their congressional delegation to support efforts to secure federal (R&D) and procurement contracts.

The McAllister & Quinn team is a highly experienced group of former government and business professionals with detailed knowledge of Congress and the Executive Branch. McAllister & Quinn has worked with numerous government programs of record in DoD, DOE, and NIST technology areas. These relationships are founded on assisting these program offices with funding support from Congress. Our results-oriented approach and drive to succeed enables us to deliver for our clients on a broad range of legislative, regulatory, and business development matters. Our staff has strong contacts within Congress, the Administration, federal agencies, and select state and local government entities. The firm represents a diverse range of corporate and nonprofit organizations before federal and state government entities.

Research Universities & Institutions

Additionally, our team promotes partnerships between industry, academia, and government to create new collaborative frameworks for economic development. The Advanced Technology Practice works frequently with McAllister & Quinn’s Research Universities & Institutions Practice to assist research universities to develop industry consortia for specified vertical supply chains to commercialize technology. Through public-private partnerships (PPPs) with federal government agency grant programs, our teams work together to pursue government funding to form and support these partnerships. Funding can range from $10 million to more than $70 million. Visit the Research Universities & Institutions Practice page for more information.