Dr. Venable Presents at White House Initiative on HBCUs


Dr. Jessica C. Venable

The Whwhitehouseite House Initiative on HBCUs invited Dr. Jessica Venable to participate as a panelist at the 2016 National HBCU Week Conference Oct. 23-26, 2016. Dr. Venable, Managing Director at McAllister & Quinn, presented topics related to how HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) can enhance their capacity for faculty success in sponsored research initiatives in STEM and related disciplines.

The annual conference drew close to 1,000 HBCU presidents, administrators, faculty, community leaders, institutional advocates, and students to meet and interact with federal agency officials, private sector representatives, business professionals, and financial aid executives. The conference also provides direct information to HBCU administrators and leaders on the topics of federal funding, financial aid, and advancing student success in order to promote educational excellence within these institutions.

For more information about the conference, visit: http://sites.ed.gov/whhbcu/hbcu-week-conference/

HBCUs, which have traditionally emphasized teaching effectiveness in their faculty reward systems, have included the “teacher-scholar” model in their modus operandi; faculty members are expected to secure extramural funding to support their own research. This workshop provided strategies and effective tools to support grant administrators and their faculty teams in institutionalizing practical pre- and post-award systems for external grants and cooperative agreements. Moderator Jennifer Swann Professor of Neuroscience and Director of Student Success for the College of Arts and Sciences, Lehigh University Panelists Hank Bart, Jr. Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Tulane University Glenn E. Hames Director of Membership Engagement, MSI STEM Research and Development Consortium Claudia Scholz, Ph.D. Sponsored Programs Officer, Spelman College Jessica Venable Managing Director, McAllister & Quinn