Family Services Agency Wins $5M Grant

The McAllister & Quinn nonprofit team recently assisted the Family Services Agency (FSA) of Santa Barbara to obtain a large Administration for Children and Families Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education grant.

The award is for approximately $5 million over a five year period. With this funding, FSA will provide at risk families with critically-needed support services to help them thrive. Services that will be provided under the grant include:

  • Parenting education classes
  • Employment assistance
  • Financial literacy
  • Case management
  • Referrals to other non-grant funded support services

Identical Services to be Offered in Santa Maria

All services will be offered in English and Spanish and childcare and transportation will be provided as needed. To serve Santa Maria, where FSA does not have a physical presence, FSA is partnering with two non-profits to provide the identical services there. FSA is partnering with two literacy programs to offer tutoring and ESL classes for HMRESP participants. FSA is partnering with a workforce development office to offer case consultation on challenging employment cases. The domestic violence agency partner on this grant will offer 40-hour domestic violence advocate training, program development consultation, and case consultation. University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) is our local evaluation partner. During the planning period FSA will subcontract with childcare providers. To promote participation in HMRESP, FSA will contract with an advertising firm to develop and implement an annual public advertising campaign. The outcomes for this project will include increased awareness of HMRESP due to the public advertising campaign, and improved relationship and parenting skills and progress towards economic stability of participants, ultimately resulting in improved family functioning, individual well-being, enhanced economic stability, and reduced poverty.