Case Study

University Receives $700,000 in HRSA Nurse Training Funds

McAllister & Quinn worked closely with a private University client in the Midwest to obtain $700,000 through a HRSA Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship (AENT) grant.  The University wrote the grant and McAllister & Quinn did the professional and comprehensive review and edit of the application.  The purpose of the funds were to implement a traineeship program to recruit and educate trainees in a nurse practitioner program that will “substantially benefit rural or underserved populations” and special consideration for graduates who practice in health profession shortage areas. The Traineeship program will enhance recruitment of nurses from rural areas who are usually on a lower salary scale that their urban counterparts.  It will assist them as they balance family responsibilities, work and ongoing education without incurring large debts. The project objectives include: Improved recruitment and retention of DNP students entering the primary care workforce after graduation, and prepared nurse practitioners who will serve rural areas or underserved communities.