Case Study

Creating Partnerships for Funding Success

McAllister & Quinn has a proven track record of developing partnerships that can help organizations secure targeted funding through federal grants as well as foundations. The federal government is supportive of the partnership model that allows nonprofit organizations to leverage the resources of government, higher education, and/or industry to bring greater efficiency and success to a project.

One example is our work in this area is with the National Women’s Hall of Fame, located in Seneca Falls, NY.  The National Women’s Hall of Fame was interested in pursuing funding to collect, record, and digitize the oral histories of all the living women who have been inducted into the Hall.  Through this project, entitled Voices of Great Women: Lessons of Strength, Courage and Inspiration, the Hall planned to use the stories of great women to educate and inspire students, through K-12 educational programming, scholars, visitors to the Hall, and the general public through its website.  In order provide expertise in the areas of women’s studies and oral history scholarship, McAllister & Quinn created a partnership with the University of Chicago and its prestigious Center for Gender Studies, greatly strengthening both the project and the grant application.  The National Women’s Hall of Fame was recently awarded funding from the Institute for Museum and Library Services for this project.