Case Study

Focusing on Cyber

Satisfying Government’s Needs

McAllister & Quinn helped a successful commercial company bring its expertise to the federal government.  This process presented several challenges because government users demand high-tech solutions, but are also concerned about flexibility and costs.  Additionally, government executives are pressured to bring innovative technologies to organizations while maintaining existing budgets.

Finding Innovative Solutions

McAllister & Quinn recognized the government’s need for cost savings and the client proposed a COTS solution.  This COTS solution had been effectively deployed in the private sector but U.S. federal government decision makers were unaware that it even existed. Knowing we had a good business case, we were able to construct an engagement strategy to expand our client’s business in the federal market-space.

Creating a Win-Win

Building a campaign was key to our win theme—it’s not enough to have an innovative technology if no one knows about it.  We helped prepare our client and the market-space prior to key meetings with decision-makers. This project demonstrates technology insertion will work within the federal government.  Private sector companies are highly responsive to policy initiatives that stimulate market demand and are able to disseminate technology and expertise.  By utilizing the private sector, government benefits from the most modern solutions at competitive costs.