Claire Kartoz

Grants Network Manager

Phone: 202-296-2741


Claire Kartoz serves as Grant Network Manager, maintaining McAllister & Quinn’s network of over 250 grant consultants. She oversees recruitment, engagement, and professional development effort and is responsible for coordinating proposal development teams to support submission of competitive grant proposals. Claire primarily supports projects in the Higher Education, Healthcare, Nonprofit, and Research Universities & Institutions practices

Prior to joining McAllister & Quinn, Claire worked as a Research Analyst for AidData within the Global Research Institute. She contributed to the organization’s goal of evaluating international aid flows and efficacy. During her time at William & Mary, Claire worked closely with Professor Brent Kaup to collect data on the prevalence of tick born illnesses, led campus tours, and operated as an Orientation Area Director. Claire also served as an intern at McAllister & Quinn within the Nonprofit Practice.