Frank Cristinzio

Vice President

Phone: (202) 216-5680


Frank Cristinzio is a Vice President at McAllister & Quinn. Frank draws on more than fifteen years of experience in government and the military to help the firm’s clients achieve their goals. Frank’s deep technical background as an engineer and performance analyst is a major asset to clients with complex challenges that combine technology, government policy, and business. Frank uses his analytical background to distill a client’s needs and challenges into the strongest possible message and the most advantageous path forward. He then develops a strategy that best conveys their strengths and objectives to their congressional allies and their potential partners in the government agencies. As a result, we can best seize opportunities and maximize their overall return on investment from their presence at the federal level.

Prior to joining McAllister & Quinn, Frank worked as a Senior Adviser to Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, who was Ranking Member of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Frank handled a large portfolio of issues including all of Senator Mikulski’s work as a senior member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. In that role, Frank worked to influence major legislation and helped organizations maneuver through layers of government to accomplish their goals. Frank has also worked as a Senior Program Analyst at the U.S. Government Accountability Office and as a Senior Policy Adviser to Congressman Ed Schrock of Virginia, where he handled all of Congressman Schrock’s work as a member of the Armed Services Committee. During his time as an active duty U.S. Navy officer, Frank held operational assignments on major surface ships, including a tour of duty as Nuclear Reactor Controls Officer on board the aircraft carrier U.S.S. George Washington. In his final military assignment in the Navy Office of Legislative Affairs, Frank worked at the intersection of Congress, the administration, and the Navy Secretariat, gaining first-hand perspective of legislative operations and the interagency process from inside the Pentagon.


Frank specializes in representing clients before Congress and in the federal agencies. Frank has subject matter expertise in the following areas:

  • Defense Policy
  • Homeland Security Policy
  • Federal Law Enforcement
  • Military Requirements Development
  • Public Safety Communications
  • Ocean Conservation Advocacy
  • Energy and Nuclear Power
  • Congressional Strategies
  • Advocacy Strategies
  • Federal Contracting Strategies
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